Altris is all about releasing potential within teams
and their leaders to deliver sustainable results for organisations. We specialise in Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.


Whether we are delivering an executive coaching programme or a leadership development programme our approach is founded on scientific principles; the science of axiology.

Axiology expands our understanding of the way people make value choices on a day-to-day, moment-by-moment basis. At Altris, we use this understanding to define our programmes by asking ourselves 'If that’s how people think, then coaching and leadership development should reflect that'.

Accelerating Coaching
Our ‘Accelerated Coaching’ programmes, so named because they do exactly that: accelerate coaching, have shown us that leaders are able to bring about significant personal change, in their toughest personal challenges, because they are able to answer the question ‘why?’: why they think, feel and act the way they do.

Leadership Development
In our leadership development programmes, based on tried and tested change management principles, leaders are guided towards an increased awareness of their own natural thinking biases and blind spots. With this awareness, they are able to develop a fully rounded approach to leadership instead of being driven by their innate thinking and behavioural styles. Our approach not only helps leaders to become aware of their blind-spots but gives them a set of guiding principles to support them in becoming better leaders through valuing people, systems, and tasks equally.


Everything we do is underpinned by our values:
Sustainability: From sustainable knowledge transfer to our approach to a neutral carbon footprint we believe in totally sustainable solutions in a sustainable world.

Partnership: We work with you to ensure that the solutions we deliver meet your specific needs and culture. To that end our leadership and team development programmes are always tailored.

Spirited: We aim to deliver unique and energetic solutions that you won’t find anywhere else. We are not afraid to say what needs to be said in support of your goals.

Elegant: our approach is engaging, interesting and effective so that the programme we deliver for you is memorable, invigorating and impactful.


To be useful, return on investment is measurable. Whether it is an Altris Executive Coaching programme or an Altris Leadership Development programme, we pre-agree with you robust measures of success. Importantly, it doesn’t stop there. These measures are monitored and subsequently reported upon.

Our strapline ‘Releasing Potential’ is somewhat alchemic and magical. However intangible, we can and do measure it.

We work with our clients to co-create meaningful measures using the balanced lenses of Purpose, Process and People. By this we mean that we partner with our clients to identify measures around the intentions of the programme, the processes we will use, as well as the readiness of our participants to engage and the progress they make on their journeys. Because valuing the uniqueness of your people and your organisation underpins everything we do, the pre-agreed measures reflect this uniqueness.

At times, our clients show a reluctance to measure things. In response, ‘the Altris way’ elegantly and tenaciously cuts through this reluctance by using a process which results in motivational and meaningful measures that stand the test of time.


    Altris raised my own level of self-awareness in a non-confrontational way. Read more »


    The questioning technique Altris employed soon made it clear that I had the majority of the answers at my disposal. Read more »


    The process Altris guided me through has really helped pave the way for me to move forward. Read more »


Altris have a range of specialised Leadership Development and Executive Coaching solutions.
We believe that each leader, team and organisation
is unique and therefore the solutions we deliver
must be distinctive.

The Altris Coaching Culture Programme

Many organisations strive to introduce a coaching culture because they believe (rightly, in our opinion) that a coaching culture is one way to gain a competitive advantage by harnessing the inherent capability of the people in the organisation. Most have failed in doing so because what they rolled out was a standard training approach to culture change.

At Altris, we believe that the key is to treat the introduction of a coaching culture as a change programme built on solid principles from start to finish. Unlike other delivery models, which are just training programmes, this approach will guarantee the best chance of long term success.

We believe that setting the coaching culture programme up well at the start creates the best opportunity for success so each of our programmes has a built in 'Blueprint' phase to initiate the journey and engage the organisation.

Our view is that an organisation cannot develop a coaching culture unless it first has a feedback culture. We have observed that training leaders in coaching before people have an ‘invitation to coach’ does not deliver results and our programmes are therefore structured in stages so that feedback processes are embedded before coaching skills are introduced.

Once started, our philosophy is akin to that of a journey beginning with tools, techniques and models and a structured, systematic approach to coaching. As the coaching journey progresses, we use staged learning principles to challenge new coaches so that their thinking evolves and expands into a greater awareness of self and the attitudes required of an effective coach.



We deliver coaching based programms for organisations, teams and leaders. Whilst we deliver a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of your business we have a number of key programmes that we build on.

Jayne Chater

“People fascinate me! We are all so unique, we are motivated in many different ways, and different things drive us to succeed. What inspires me is finding out what truly makes us tick and using coaching to make a difference to our everyday lives. To make a change affects us individually; it affects our families, our peers and the companies we work for…It’s worth doing something about!”


Martin Fenwick

“I really enjoy making a difference. I believe that if leadership thinking and capability evolves to its highest level, then the organisation grows too, producing better results and better lives, ultimately bettering the nation as a whole. I relish those times when you see an individual raising their game as a result of an Altris experience, and knowing that this will help them to go on and make a difference themselves.”


Douglas Lang

“I believe that we all have the ability to achieve much more than we currently do. I work as a coach to provide the support and space for my clients to identify what they really want to achieve and to support them in working through how they will achieve that. I aim to make a difference to people’s lives and the businesses they work in, and as a result, to the lives of others they come into contact with.”


Kelly Samson

“I’m passionate about empowering people to be their best, to achieve more than they thought possible. I support clients to realise their full goals and aspirations and then grow, stretch and develop to achieve these.  As a coach I serve clients to live authentically, create excitement, confidence, motivation and to ignite their self-belief. My aim is to support you, challenge you, offer fresh perspectives and generate solutions to empower you to positively move forward in your life and career.”


Lesley Colcord

I am an experienced strategic coach with a creative, collaborative and encouraging style. I am blessed to do what I love and have enjoyed many years of sitting beside some amazing people achieving amazing things. I enjoy nothing more than jumping into the sandpit with my clients. I help them identify and embrace their unique strengths, motivators and “style” while aiming for professional distinction and personal fulfilment… hopefully with a bit of fun along the way! I look forward to meeting you.”


  • " We have had some very significant improvements in our latest Staff Survey results particularly in the areas that are affected by quality coaching and feedback being applied. "

    Director Finance & Corporate Services, Environment Canterbury

  • " The questioning technique Altris employed soon made it clear that I had the majority of the answers at my disposal. "

    National Sales Manager, Coca-Cola Amatil NZ

  • " The process Altris guided me through has really helped pave the way for me to move forward. "

    Project Manager, Telecom NZ

  • " I am amazed at the significant progress we made in such a short time. "

    National Marketing Manager, IAG NZ

  • " Clarity of thought, purpose and the motivation to achieve the goals required.

    What more can be asked for? "

    Group Merchandise Manager, Foodstuffs

  • " From the start the Altris team have acted as a true partner – learning the nuances of our business, assisting in isolating the key challenges and developing a leadership programme tailored to achieving the identified outcomes. "

    General Manager and Vice-President, Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions

  • " Altris delivered high quality workshops and were thorough in their follow up. They used a comprehensive measurement process to demonstrate a number of significant changes that had been made as a result of the programme. "

    Springer Healthcare

  • " The Altris coaching experience has given me amazing clarity over who I am professionally and what this means for my career. My increased sense of purpose has provided tangible benefits for both myself personally, my organisation and the people with whom I work. "

    General Manager, Genesis Energy

  • " Altris have high calibre executive coaches and I found the programme of great benefit for my own personal development, as well as being more effective in achieving organisational goals. An excellent leadership development programme. "

    CFO, Competenz

  • " I have noticed a significant lift in energy and focus from the SLT, both in our meetings and also in the interactions the GMs are having with their staff. "

    CEO, Electricity Authority

  • " The Altris leadership programme opened my eyes (and ears) to the importance of leading and coaching my staff. "

    GM, Electricity Authority

  • " The Altris programme helped us achieve an increased level of self-awareness. Our team communication has improved, and we have developed a greater tolerance of our differences as individuals. We have moved from being a newly formed team to a high performing team, with greater role clarity as a team and as individual leaders. "

    CEO, Financial Markets Authority