executive coaching

Executive coaching is a key element in the success of many high performing leaders and it is no surprise that working with an experienced coach is a sought-after solution for modern leaders looking for the last 10% of performance that they need.

Our Accelerated Executive Coaching approach begins with an understanding of the leader's unique thinking and behavioural styles. Coaching then focuses on developing clarity of purpose and a clear plan of action. This is a tailored and flexible package aimed at providing the tools for successful ongoing leadership at a senior level.

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Accelerated high potential executive coaching

Talent management is a top strategic HR issue for organisations seeking to improve leadership capability and ensure long-term business success. Providing executive development for high potential leaders is a key part of this strategy.

Altris’ High Potential Executive Coaching is an intensive programme that offers a unique suite of insight tools and the support of a network of experienced coaches to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow stay ahead of their game.

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Accelerated on-boarding

On-Boarding is a proven investment that accelerates the transition of a new leader into an organisation and ensures success in the crucial first 90 days.

The Altris On-Boarding programme is a total support package focused on building capability and avoiding the potential risks that many senior executives face during this early period.

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Executive on-track

Our On-Track Executive programme builds on the leader's previous Executive Coaching programme outcomes. It is delivered to work with their style, pace and working environment to deliver appropriate and supportive contact in a time-effective way which helps them draw from their insights, brand, and leadership purpose developed over a previous accelerated coaching programme.

This support programme allows the leader to check in when needed, maintain contact with their coach to keep their objectives top of mind and have a number of scheduled meetings over the duration of the programme.