The female leader

It is widely recognised that the traits of female leaders are very different from their male counterparts and that many of these are increasingly valuable in the workplace.

It is also true that in the past successful female leaders have risen to the top by exhibiting characteristics that were evident in their male counterparts; traits that were reinforced through leadership development experiences. Often, for these female leaders, there didn’t seem to be any other way to the top.


The Altris Female Leader programme breaks this cycle and supports existing, emerging and aspiring female leaders to access the attributes that will make them more valuable as leaders in the future.

This is an opportunity to explore what female leadership looks like and to empower female leaders to lead in an authentic way.

We begin with a 3-day residential programme that is tailored for women who are willing to explore their individual strengths and the specific challenges they face on their path to becoming an effective leader.

The programme has been developed by experts who work with leaders both in New Zealand and internationally. The small size of each learning event and individual coaching sessions will ensure that each individual and their specific challenges and situation will receive intensive attention.

What does the programme include?

Our experts will develop the uniqueness of each participant and help each one to find their true leadership path by exploring topics such as :

What is Female Leadership?

What blocks your road to leadership success?

Do you truly understand your strengths?

How can you embrace your authenticity?

What is your personal leadership brand?

How resilient are you?

programme approach

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The 3-day residential programme

In full day sessions, personal boundaries will be challenged through facilitated discussion and exploration with your peers. Each day will be balanced with down time where networking and informal learning will be your focus; diet, mind and body will be catered for with optional yoga, relaxation sessions and tailored activities.

The follow up

For 6 months after the residential programme we will embed your learning and support your progress through group teleconferences with your facilitator and your new, and powerful, network of alumni.